Classic Woodys

Welcome to Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys blog.

You might be curious as to why I call this the Last Great Woody Book. My feeling is that we’re faced with the morphing of the printed word to the world of E-books. That will be a sad day for me because I’ve always enjoyed the tactile sensation of holding a book in my hand and being absorbed by a great story.

My Treasure Box of Classic Woodys is my third book on woodys, and was a five-year research endeavor – a labor of love. It is my way of sharing the pleasure of a trip back in time to examine the woody station wagon history in depth and provide something more than eye candy. The box contents provide the opportunity to examine first hand the types of wood used in the manufacture of these beauties, look through a sampling of original and custom decals prized by woody enthusiasts, give the Dime Store toy a run, and lots more. May you get as much fun out of the Treasure Box, as you do from reading through the history of woody station wagons in this great publishing project! See at.


The book has sold really well and we are down to the last 50 copies.


One response to “Classic Woodys

  1. Great Job Dave. As a former owner of a classic fake woody (you know which one) and that I dearly loved touring the states in back in the late 70s during the fuel crisis, I salute you on a fantastic job well done. What a great looking collectors item for the coffee table etc. Looking forward to seeing my copy in the not too distant future.

    No bullshit, I have seen some of the amount of work and time that has gone into this unique product and the effort that has gone into collecting the stories and details. There is no other record of this quality or detail out there of this iconic form of vehicle and it it is likely there never will be. If you are a classic car buff, a surfer or had your first lay in one of these iconic vehicles, then do yourselves a favour and get a copy. (PS Unfortunately my 1st car lay was in a Pug 403!!, but even so it was still fun!!)

    Anyway, this deserves to be in all the worlds’ motoring museums if nothing else.

    PS. I am not being paid or being given a free copy. I have seen how much work, love and attention to detail has gone into the creation and production of this homage to one of the more interesting vehicle forms of the 20th Century that could easily be forgotten.

    Good luck with it Dave. Both the Woody and the “The Box” deserves the recognition.

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