It’s Fully Licensed!

From the very beginning, I wanted to make every part of the Classic Woodys project a unique and tactile experience that woody enthusiasts would enjoy and treasure. Assembling this project has taken me in all directions, in search of sources of materials and vendors willing to do what I needed.

The impetus was that I wanted to avoid a project that the usual automotive book distributor would index on page 86, buried down with the Wagoneers, Wartburgs, and Willys. That’s why Classic Woodys is only available from and from a select few automotive establishments and museums.

Having ultimate control of the process allowed me to include items in the Treasure Box that are all nearly all unique. I had the Wooden-Box tagline in mind for quite some time, and realized that the original California plate colors of orange and black would complement the two wood tones of the box.

The license plate is a real metal plate.  It’s scaled to fit the box size. It is stamped and will be numbered to co-ordinate with the book series of 1 to 500. The left hand tag on the plate will reflect the individual book number, similar to the registration tag on your vehicle license plate.

These are two of the many unique touches built into every edition of Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys.



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