The Last Ford Woody Wagon!

There is a common debate that arises at woody gatherings regarding whether or not the last real-wood, woody wagons were the 1954 Ford Country Squire and Mercury Monterey. The answer could lean any direction, depending on how you angle the light into the shadows of history. These 1954 models were in fact the last real woodys from Detroit. But over the pond in England and Europe, manufacturers were working like mad-hatters turning out real woody wagons right up to the sixties. Morris Minor Travelers, and Mini Travelers sold enormous numbers worldwide but the last Ford wagon trimmed in real wood came to North America from Ford of England, to be sold by “select” Ford dealers as the Ford Squire in 1955 and 1956.
Marketing is a wonderful thing when the delivery of idea equals customer satisfaction. In this case, the two parts were miles apart. The tiny Squire could actually carry four adults, but its 1.2L flathead, four cylinder didn’t help endear the tiny wagon to many buyers. As far as looks, the side panels had six skimpy pieces of woody on each side of the Squire in an effort to add a touch of style. Buyers were unimpressed. By this time, American customers were accustomed to driving 4,000-pound wagons, capable of speed over 100 mph, while carrying eight passengers. See a real one on Page 331 of Classic Woodys.


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