Bet you can’t ID this wagon?

The history of the woody wagon is as rich and involved as any form of automotive transportation. Worldwide, woody wagons have been built to serve mostly utilitarian purposes. In Brazil, GM one-ton trucks were bodied with woody station wagons. In England, they built shooting brakes as wagons for the landed gentry to cart their guests on hunting expeditions. In Australia, Ford and GM even offered them for a few years, and several smaller manufacturers sold them. In Europe, Opel, Skoda and even Lancia and Fiat got into woody sedan and wagon building. Woodys were exported throughout the globe and there are photos of them rolling down the roads of Africa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, India, and the Middle East.

Where does the above wagon fit into the picture? She resembles an International Truck, yet there is something that is quite different! Post-war Ford? No! wHow about Sweden. Yes, from the land of Scandinavian Design comes the 1946 Volvo PV60 station wagon!

How many were built is a mystery, and this many be the only one! It did come with semaphore turn signals, four doors and full glass, which implied they were serious about building a production model. Now that’s something truly different from the land of the reindeer!


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