Stan the Man!

“A mighty river is only mighty because of the many small streams that join together to a build the river!” That’s how the saying goes, and bringing this book project to fruition has been much the same. Without the help of numerous people, I could have never brought this project to life. One of the invaluable streams of help came from Stan Ramondo, my wood guy. Stan is a talented man of many facets — contractor, cabinetmaker, vintage car restorer, and woody builder. He built my first prototype Treasure Box, which was sent to the manufacturer. Stan helped me source much of the wood we needed to create the sample wood set included with every one of Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys.

The assembly meant gathering large slabs of raw wood at Stan’s magnificent wood shop and milling those down to strips 2” wide by 1/4” thick. Then we had to cut the samples into 4” lengths. The last step was to identify each wood type with the stamp and varnish them.  We just finished all the work on this part of the project and I have now bundled all the samples up into sets. Thanks very much, Stan!

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