Woody Gatherings

Over the past twenty plus years, I have been to woody gatherings across the nation from Bennington, Vermont to San Diego, California.  I must say that 99% of them have been enjoyable and worth the journey. I can only recall one blowout where, due to the circumstances, only one Buick turned up for the event.

Events like Wavecrest and Woodies on the Wharf are what make this hobby so much fun.  Entrants provide a startling range of models displayed in all conditions, from un-restored daily drivers to pristine 100-point restorations. These shows attract sedans and convertibles and provide the opportunity to talk with other woody owners, get tips on restoration, shops, suppliers, parts, and even find the woody of your dreams.

At the recent Woodies on the Wharf event in Santa Cruz, California, there were close to 200 woodies on display for most of the day including Internationals to Chevys, Plymouths, Mercurys, and of course, Fords.

The event has matured and evolved over the past 17 years, and one of the highlights of this year’s event was the balsa longboard-shaping demonstration by surfing icon, Floyd Smith. Floyd is one of the founding partners of Gordon and Smith surfboards, famous in the sixties.  Floyd put on an amazing demonstration of hand-shaping a traditional fifties balsa longboard, taking it from a block of wood to a glorious shape in a just a few hours, wielding nothing more than a few hand tools.

The woody shows are an essential part of what makes the woody lifestyle so great. Head to the next show near you for an infusion of woody fun in the sun  – soon!


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