Custom Woody Art for Your Walls!

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to be able to introduce one form of art to anther. With Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys I wanted to be able offer our buyers special bonus opportunities – unusual ideas, which extend our enjoyment of woodys.  One of those special opportunities is to have renowned West Coast artist, Don Bishop incorporate your woody wagon sedan or convertible into an original piece of wall art. In my opinion, for what that may be worth – Don is a modern urban landscape painter in the reality of the famed American painter Edward Hopper – The painter of the Nighthawks.

His landscape work reaches over diverse subject from rural panorama’s to cityscapes that includes many automobile details.

I recently missed out on one of his grand pieces that I had seen briefly at his studio, when it was sold with in five-minutes of the opening.

Don and I talked about working with my customers to create something unique for their walls that could bind their woody wagon/vehicle into one of his modern urban or rural landscapes. “I’ll tell you what! I can take a photo of a street or rural scene with a few different angles of their vehicle and paint them an original acrylic of virtually any size to order. I’ll figure out a special price with shipping – tell them to call or email me!” Don promised me a great discount on his normal rate for these works. So that’s another special offer folks when you’re a buyer of Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys. Go see Don’s work at


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