In the “…if only I had known department

I started photographing woodys in the mid-eighties, when there were few shows that specialized in them, as they were not really popular. As my interest and knowledge expanded, I followed an increasing number of shows, even going as far as France and Australia to collect woody images, while on assignment for magazines.

The emergence of the web eased information gathering and opened up amazing new ground and research material previously unseen by the general public. Hail to Google! There emerged a vista of vehicles that for all these years had been a tiny click in some remote part of the country. For example, just as I put Classic Woodys to press, I found three International wagons online that would have been perfect in this book. Needless to say, they were all within 150 miles of my office!

Over nearly 30 years of seeking out the best in woodys, I had never heard a whisper of these wagons. Sometimes the owners are reclusive collectors or simply don’t wish to get involved with the public. I understand that concept and respect it! I just find myself in a frustrating place in an effort to present the best of the best woodys.

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