Woody Wood!

One of my dreams was to make Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys interactive, in a traditional sense. Interactive to the new generation is pressing buttons on electronic media and responding to visual queues. To my generation, interactive means feeling, touching, smelling, and learning.

The last chapter of Classic Woodys is titled, The Trees and the Wood, and covers a description of each tree harvested for its specific use on the woody wagon bodies. To make the book interactive, I created an 11-piece wood set as a sample of the woods used. Each of the wood samples is identified with a stamp and varnished and there is much to learn just from the handling of these pieces.

You will notice that they are all hardwoods, but the colors, grain, texture and weight vary significantly. For example, you can feel how basswood is significantly lighter than the same size sample of red oak.

I managed to find these woods at five different locations around the country. At Mount Storm in Santa Rosa, California there was a lot of selection, but others came from Illinois, Mount Rose Construction in Sebastopol, MacBeath Hardwood in San Francisco and from Evan Shively’s wood salvage mill in Marshall, California. Below is the rack of lumber we collected from Mount Storm Lumber. Six weeks later, we had nearly 4, 000 pieces of wood cut from this pile!


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