Surf Decals and other stuff. . .

One of the chapters in Classic Woodys is about the history of decals — surfing decals, in particular. In the sixties and seventies, when I was surfing along the east coast of Australia, my wagons were always adorned with decals of my favorite brands of the surfing equipment.

The decals reflected my preferences, and served as great marketing for the manufacturers. When I opened a surf shop with my buddy, we had tons of decals for sale and some giveaways. Today, I still love the eye candy of colors and designs of the decals that adorn the rear windows of the woodys; each one helps tell the story of the American surfing craze.

For Classic Woodys, I obtained permission to reproduce some rare and interesting Australian surf decals. I chose these because I wanted surf decals that were unique to this project and that would meld perfectly with anyone’s existing personal collection of American hot rodding, reproduction travel, and event decals typical of the sixties.

Some of these are reproduced as waterslide decals, and some are peel and stick. It took six months to track down a vendor to do the waterslides the way I wanted them done.  You can add them to your collection, start a collection, or stick them right on the glass of your wagon. Anyway you use them,  they are part of the wonderful world of woody wagons.


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