Basswood does not smell fishy!

This project has had many folks to help it along the road. Two of those are Bob “Woody” Johnson and Doug Carr. They both helped me locate basswood for inclusion in the wood sets for the treasure box. All the basswood used in the boxes came from woody wagon restorations, the greater majority from a 1937 Ford that Bob was restoring.

I thought this was neat touch to include a genuine piece of wood from an Iron Mountain-built Ford. The top surfaces of this basswood were caked with 70-plus years of someone’s travels. We stripped the wood bare with a belt sander, leaving the lower surface with its original Ford varnish. The other pieces were from restorations of both a Ford and a Chevy that we re-varnished.

When you handle the wood set in person, you will immediately get a sense of the complexity of the woods and innovation required to match the best type of wood for the particular purpose. Basswood is a hardwood that is very lightweight, bends easily, and thus is the perfect material for the rounded roof lining of the early wagons.

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