The woody wagon and the art of the postcard. . .

Having been an avid collector of woody-related paraphernalia, art and photography, I noticed many years ago that photographers purposefully chose to stage their photos with a woody wagon. This might seem just coincidental, but the actual volume of scenic and tourist postcards, which include woody wagons, sedans or convertibles, runs into the hundreds. For instance, a collection of nearly 200 postcards, all featuring woodys, was offered on Ebay recently.

At times, I suspect that the use of the woody added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the scene. This postcard image of the Giant Forest Village in Sequoia National Park, California, shows a Chevy wagon (nee: tin woody at this time) very prominently centered in the image. As you look at this postcard, your eye is immediately drawn to the wagon parked there in the bright sunlit parking lot with a towering Sequoia behind it.

As a photographer, I would always choose to make the image look alluring — a gathering of people, with style and money, who are out to have a good time!


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