1942 Oldsmobile Station Wagons

I think one of the most rare of the today’s American station wagons is the 1942 Oldsmobile.

It seems this is a Hercules press photo, as it was shot in Evansville, Indiana outside Garvin Park, which still is enjoyed by the public today. By the time this photo was released, civilian automobile production was about to cease as war production needs took over the automobile industry. February 5, 1942 production of these Oldsmobile wagons officially ceased. They were sold or given to select-needs clients including the Red Cross, rural and city doctors, and the military.  It is believed that some wagon production continued after this date, but these vehicles were exclusively for the military.

Note that this model carried its full complement of chrome trim. The military models were usually partly blacked out, and some of the chrome was deleted from the grille work, as shown in this second photo with the military officer and his 1942 Oldsmobile wagon.  The reason was twofold. Firstly, it was to save chrome for vital manufacturing processes, like steel production, that needed chrome as a hardening agent. It also obviously provided camouflage for military purposes.


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