Chevy or Ford Wagon – Playing Detective!

This photo of a military exercise from around 1930 shows off a long line of US Army transport trucks headed up with a command station wagon.  This line up was obviously out on an exercise with troops sleeping in each transport, canvas tops rolled back in the early morning.

Having researched the photo it is still hard to tell whether this is Ford or a Chevrolet. I believe that it is a Chevrolet built for the US Army Quartermasters Office under contract using possibly with a Hercules body on a 1930 or 1931 Chevrolet chassis. I think this because we can’t see the grille will would define exactly what the model it is but rather the more rounded front fender tops, the smooth bumper and large fat-centered wire wheel that are endemic to the Chevrolet.

Note the full canvas enclosure with smaller windows that fill all the glass spaces in the wagon. This may have been done to prevent the danger of glass shattering when the vehicle was in the thick of the action with armored firings and explosions happening around the vehicle.

Just another slice of woody wagon life, that goes to help build the whole picture of how when and where station wagons played a part in the history of the world.

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