1950 Chrysler T&C Wagon

1950 Chrysler T&C Wagon

In my opinion, this was the last of the great Chrysler wagons, until the dawning of Virgil Exner’s Forward styling in the mid-fifties. The Royal Town & Country was the upscale luxury model of all the Chrysler wagon products. Among Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler, there were a multitude of steel-bodied wagons, but none of those offer much more elegance than a Kelvinator refrigerator. Quite to the contrary, this Royal Town and Country exuded elegance and sophistication with its white ash framing and Dynoc mahogany paneling. These design and engineering points had been carried over from the earlier Town and Country models.

This four-door, six-passenger wagon, optioned out with its fat whitewalls, surely would have turned heads as it sat in the driveway of any 1950 home.  It was a carry-over model from ’49 and was built around the same body as the matching DeSoto and Dodge models. These wagons now featured an all-steel tailgate, a crank-up window, and a spare tire now mounted inside the wagon. Interestingly, the back passengers’ windows remained sliders. As an interesting aside, Chrysler also built a short run of about 100 all-steel Town & Country wagons that found their way into ambulance and service vehicle fleets.

At every turn the in the history of woody station wagons, there is something that intrigues or fascinates. We’ll never know the whole story.


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