Martha’s Vineyard Jitney – Woody Wagon

Here’s another classic truck-based, woody wagon, or often referred to as a jitney. This commercial woody was built around the time that the depot hack was becoming the station wagon, and is typical of the last wood-bodied public transportation. This jitney is believed to be a Reo Speedwagon from around 1925-1928. The photo comes from Martha’s Vineyard in 1935. The jitney appears to have a classic Mifflinburg body, or maybe an early York commercial body that was painted/stained in one overall tone. It featured five rows of seating with access doors only on the curbside. For many years prior to WW-II, jitneys were used to transport island guests between the ferry terminals and summer homes or hotels on the island. This one is obviously a fair-weather jitney, as it has no protection from the elements, although screen clips on the pillars are visible. The sole female passenger certainly looks happy to be riding along.


One response to “Martha’s Vineyard Jitney – Woody Wagon

  1. This was my husbands favorite out of his collection!! I’ve never seen another like it!

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