Pinto Squire Wagon

Pinto woody wagon PCDesigned by a Robert Eidschun, the Pinto hardtop was signed off at Ford in late 1968 and in production merely 15 months later, a record for those days.

The Pinto Squire wagon appeared in February 1972, fitted with a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine, and included front disc brakes. It was not the most ungainly faux woody, by any means, but it was surely the best looking Pinto they made! It The Squire was one of Ford’s Appearance Packages – a sort of junior Country Squire. The other Pinto was the Cruising Wagon that appeared a few years later, in 1977, but it was not trimmed with faux wood.

I can remember renting a Squire from Hertz in 1974. We drove it in a 2,000 mile loop from Palo Alto, California, down through Southern California, into Death Valley, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, and back. It performed effortlessly until we had to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the way home. At 7,000 feet altitude, it was a little wheezy, as I recall. The Squire was considered a snappy, good-looking little wagon. Today, the Pinto Squire, in original condition, is a rare entity, and therefore, steadily gaining resale value.

One response to “Pinto Squire Wagon

  1. David,
    Your Pinto Squire posting is spot on. And, I am not saying that just because my wife has a ’72 exactly like the tan one in yor image. Ours has the same optional rack too. She has only 25,000 original miles, 80% original paint, fresh professional wood grain & the interior is very nice original. Yup, the AM radio works as do all gages.

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