Martin-Parry 1925 Chevrolet Depot Hacks

1925 Partin-Parry ChevroletMartin and Parry merged to become Martin-Parry by the mid-twenties. The company had expanded their offering of depot hacks and now sold model-specific bodies for the Ford, Chevrolet, etc. Their mid-twenties sales literature offered 25 different truck custom bodies including Panel, Express, Jitney, Light Open Express with No Top, Station Wagon Depot Club Body, Express Top, Stake, Farm, Gravity Dump Body, Garbage Dump Body, and Hoist Dump Body. This expansion of body styles was an enormous leap for Martin-Parry as industry clamored for better and bigger commercial vehicles that could perform specific tasks. But it also enabled the end of an era for horse-drawn wagon bodies. Based in York, PA, Martin-Parry had expanded with an assembly plant on the corner of 148th St and Locust Ave in the Bronx, New York, no doubt to more quickly service the transportation needs of the yet to be, Big Apple.

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