Dodge – Its Part in the Root DNA of Station Wagons

The exact details of the history of this Express Delivery Dodge wagon are unknown. Owner, Buster Smith was obviously proud of his new wagon, posing in this semi-formal photo on cloudy day in central Florida. What is known is that this style of truck body formed part of the root DNA of the American station-wagon. Its basic wooden utility with no rear fenders and freestanding four-post roof are the true essence of where the station wagons came from. I suspect this photo is from the about mid-twenties and this truck could be easily updated as a depot hack to carry passengers in the rear or used as a delivery express. The body design looks like it’s a local body, possibly built by a carpentry shop or the owner. It has no detailing apart from the curves on the front seat side-panels. So you can see, the body design really can’t get much simpler than as you see it here. The only lean towards elegance is the roofline that bends down to cover the top of the windshield and forms a short sun visor. Today, it’s hard to think that this primitive technology is really just a short time span behind the modern automobiles we drive today. Dodge Depot Hack:truck-web


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