Elegant 1935 Dodge Wagon

Back when automobile manufacturers picked a station wagon body builder, it was usually mutually beneficial arrangement. Dodge used U.S. Body and Forging Co. to build all of its core station wagons during the mid-thirties. Although the company was based in Buffalo, New York, the body manufacturing plant was in Tell City, Indiana. The bodies were offered as Special Equipment for Dodge Brothers Trucks, according to their own documentation. This particular body style was referred to as the Westchester Semi-Sedan Suburban, a mouthful today when we are so used to names like X1 or Bronco. The Westchester was a large formal station wagon built on a 111-1/2-inch wheelbase chassis, with seating for seven or eight, and offering sedan-like seats and ride quality. Its rattle-proof fittings were another welcome highlight. The Dodge came with fitted canvas side-curtains glazed with Isinglass plastic windows panes, in this age just before full glazing in station wagons. US Body and Forgings Dodge The body was built of kiln-dried white ash with cottonwood panels and redgum beltline molding. The darker, tougher red gum molding added contrast to the blonde woodwork, and better protection for the bodywork. The wagon could be ordered with two or three rows of seats and came with a huge fold-down tailgate. This Dodge was the most elegant of all the station wagons of its time. It was a special order item at your local Dodge dealer and more expensive than the Fords of this day. This meant it was only built one at a time, unlike the Fords that were being built in bulk on production lines.

US Body and Forgings Dodge-2

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