International High Wheeler

The International High Wheeler arrived in 1905. This style of buggy car would remain in production at International long after most of the industry had abandoned this style. There was a small market for these tall-wheeled vehicles among traditional horse and buggy owners and rural folks. The buggies offered enormous ground clearance and ease of fording streams, where no bridges existed. Initially, they offered little in the way of weather protection, although later models were adapted with Express or Canopy bodies, and roofs, which offered sun protection. They were right hand drive initially, but in a 1914 they converted to left-hand drive. Soon a range of factory body changes on commercial models included Flare Board Express, Canopy Delivery Panel, Wagon Express and Motor Truck Express. Powered by air-cooled two cylinder VW-like engines, they updated to four-cylinder engines in the 1915 model. IHC would continue to build variations of the High Wheeler until 1920. By then, this style of vehicle was so outdated that only rural folks with need for such a vintage design would have considered one. This 1912 model features a 20 horsepower engine and a two-speed transmission. It features the passenger body finished in natural wood, with two rows of seating for four. This High Wheeler can be seen at the fabulous new LeMay Collection Museum in Tacoma, Washington. It was donated to the museum from the Irene Olson Collection.

International High Wheeler-web

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