British Woodies – A Neat Book by Colin Peck & Veloce Publishing

Woodies British Book-blogBritish Woodies: From the 1920s to the 1950s, has been out for a year or two. Written by British woody expert Colin Peck, it covers the golden years from 1920 through the 1950s.

Being a British book it covers wooden-bodied shooting brakes, estate cars and station wagons of England. In England these were mostly built in low numbers, often by small commercial bodybuilders. It’s a wonder that so many survived with the damp English weather chewing away at the wood. Typically, this meant that all of these wagons required so much more maintenance to ensure a real service life.

Unlike most books about woodys, the 96 page, all-color British Woodies features rare marques like Alvis, Austin and Bentley to Standard, MG, Vauxhall and Wolseley.  Here you will see unique woody wagons from small British coach-builders with plenty of  previously unpublished photos.

British Woodies is a well-worthy addition to any automotive library.

Search it out on Google.

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