Every Photo Tells a Story

I love old photos, and one’s like this in particular. From this photo below you can tell so much about a model. While this may well be a Ford press photo it is not a Ford production line vehicle. I guess Ford produced this image to show customers what potential the Model T chassis had when equipped as a depot hack. I feel that most likely, this a dealer-ordered classic Mifflinburg Body company, Depot Hack option. The details of the frame height, curves, low side panels with their round corners and bevelled edges  all point right at them as the supplier. It’s in the details thats this photo excels – note the carriage bolt(dome) head bolts holding the body together also note their location. But also note the number of optional extras including a toolbox, step plate, spotlight, outside rear vision mirror, three rows of seats, side curtains and even the silver paint on the rims may have been an option. I see to many restorations which the restorers or builders took no time to research the models details. It’s a shame really, as detailed information can be so easily retrieved from a photo like this one, so restorers can work their magic to make sure their restoration comes out correct.

Model T Depot Hack



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