1941 Chevrolet Station Wagon

This post war photo from Cleveland displays a 1941 Chevrolet station wagon parked on a side street the late forties. These Fisher-built wagons are now a most sort after and expensive woody station wagon model. It seems that the greater majority of these were sold in the mid and north-east, as even today this is where most of the remaining wagons still reside. At the time it was one of Chevrolets most expensive. Note the two-tone woodwork and that the sole accessory is the fender guide post. This was used as a parking aid to show the outer corner of the vehicle and was most fancied by shorter drivers who had trouble seeing over the hood and fender. Only one model was offered as a Special Deluxe with a total of 2,045 units built. They were priced at $995, which was about $45 more expensive than the same model year convertible. Power was supplied by the newly refreshed in-line six, now rated at 90 horsepower. Many of these 1941 and 1942 station wagons would end up being used by the military or civilian services during WW-II. This one looks like it escaped that fate, possibly in the hands of a civilian doctor or military contractor.'39 Chevy Woody Wagon

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