Red Cross War Time Chrysler Town & Country Gift – New York 1943


The Red Cross around the nation, was helped significantly by worker groups and unions, during WW-II. Here in New York City Hall Plaza, we see a group of Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (Local 16 A.F.L.) watch as New York Mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia hands the keys to this union-funded 1942 /43 Chrysler Town & Country wagon to Mrs. Thomas S. Lamont, the Special Events Chairman of the New York Chapter of the Red Cross. This Acme photo was shot March 20th 1943, so it can be assumed that this was one of the last wartime T&C’s build.  Interesting to note, that the wagon is numbered 57, signifying that the N.Y. Red Cross chapter must have been running quite fleet of vehicles during the war. The Town & Country carried an ambulance designation of some kind with its cross on the hood and roof and blackout headlights with Red Cross emblems on the headlights.

Red Cross T&C-toned 1943

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