1946-1948 Nash Suburban Sedan

The post-war 1946-1948 Nash line was innovative and better looking than most of its competition. The new Ambassador four-door featured a fastback roofline but could be ordered as the elegant wood-trimmed Ambassador Suburban Sedan just like Chrysler with its Town & Country model. Nash was looking for something to tantalize the buyer while it worked on whole new generation of post-war models. As it would turn out, the Suburban would be part of the Nash line up for just three years, selling in very lower numbers: 1946 saw just 272 produced, 1947 doubled to 595 and 1948 it dropped to just a 130. It was a big car, typical of the times, weighing 3,470 pounds with a 209-inch overall length. The Suburban was powered by only one engine, an OHV in-line 234.8 cid six-cylinder, rated at 112 horsepower during its production.  Interestingly, its price increased over the three production years from $1,929 to $2,239, while not surprisingly, the Chrysler Town & Country in 1946 was more expensive at $2,389.  The Nash was a well-built but utilitarian model that could be ordered with some unique options including folding seats for camping. Today, the Nash Suburban is considered a highly desirable woody sedan. It is thought that less than twenty seem to have survived the years.

1946 Nash Suburban C


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