Ford Sportsman – Tampico, Mexico Postcard

Tampico cover sportsmanI collect postcards with woodys on them!

I find you can learn all sorts of things just by collecting them. I generally like the woody to be the central theme of the main image but along the way I have collected some interesting variations as shown with the cover of a vintage (circa1950) folding postcard from Tampico, Mexico. (Goggle it!) I must admit I had not heard of Tampico when I purchased the card but a quick squiz of the image told me it was a beach town. It turns out that Tampico is the first large city south of Harlingen, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico coast, in Mexico. Inside the eight-card, folding card, was yet another woody photo postcard. This showed of the town plaza with the 1947 Ford Station Wagon parked at the curbside. As you can see in this cover shot, the beach parking lot was not only filled with bathing beauties but classic pre-1950 domestic convertibles and sedans. The Ford Sportsman in the second row already looks tired with its top a little worse for wear after just a few years in the bright Mexican sun.


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