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Boeing Gives the Boys Clubs of Seattle a 1949 Ford Station Wagon in 1952!

In the post-war years Seattle, Washington was booming manufacturing city. The Boeing Aircraft Company was the area’s largest employer, and as such injected much back into the city and its surrounding  community organizations.  So, it’s May 3rd, 1952 and the part of the Boeing Aircraft Company community interaction there was the presentation of vehicles to various community groups. Here we see Frank Wilson, the executive director of the Boys’ Clubs of Seattle accepting the keys to a standard 1949 V8 wagon from Fred Laudan, Boeing’s VP of manufacturing at the time.

Now look at the time frame – It’s 1952 and they are giving away 1949 station wagons! What is so intriguing and is not revealed in the press release details attached to the back of this photo, is why was Boeing giving away 1949 stations wagons in 1952?  My best guess is that Boeing may have been handing on these three to four year old wagons from its own transportation pool as charitable donations instead of trading them or selling them off at auction? At the time, this would have been seen as a good deed, (as it should) and one that gave value to both giver and receiver. Pity such things don’t go on more these days!  Yeah Boeing. . . .

1952 Ford Seattle Boys Clubs-web


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