1949 Ford “Yachtsman” Fastback Woody Coupe

How’s this for exotic?

Woody Ford Fastback-side

A 1949 Ford Yachtsman, as apposed to a Sportsman was a classic 1950’s Ford custom that never appeared in Hot Rod or Rod & Custom.

Brother’s Frank and Eugene Marquardt created this woody fastback roof for their 1949 Ford  convertible in 1951. These photos appeared in an issue of The Ford Times, a freebee dealer mail-out Ford produced right into the sixties. The Yachtmans’ stylish roof lines flowed down and around the trunk lid which still offered full opening function.  The brother removed much of the convertible top mechanism and built a custom rear seat for travel comfort between their homes in Cleveland and Florida. They wanted to match their wooden day sailer which they towed with the hopped-up Ford which also featured a hot rod engine with alloy heads and dual intake.

The top was framed and finish in mahogany from several sources. The top was built much like boat decking with screws and tounge and grove, and finished with dowel plugs. It also featured a pair of hand rails ribs, running full length down the roof much like the one’s you’d find on the top of classic yacht cabin.

Woody Ford Fastback rear

Apparently, the brother’s got a mass of positive reaction and many offers to buy the Yachtsman but they continued to use it as their boat hauler for quite some time. Woody style was a certainly a bonus back in the fifties and this beauty is another piece of the woody story.


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