Here’s another Railway Inspection Woody Wagon – 1939/40 Ford

1940 Woody Western Maryland

As I noted in my earlier bog on these wagons, there would be others and here is another snappy addition to that story.  Rail inspection wagons like this one were cheap conversions for railways to own. They were perfect for safety inspections or to take crews down line for repairs, upgrades or routine maintenance. Private companies also used them as transport for mine workers, timber cutters and the like, on small private railway systems.

This Ford uses special railway wheels which bolted directly to the hubs and a mini-cowcatcher to clear anything light off the track. This 39-40 Ford Station Wagon is was part of the Western Maryland railroad system. Note the special lights mounted on the front fenders for use on the railway.

For more on this wonderfully odd piece of automotive railway history check out this site:


2 responses to “Here’s another Railway Inspection Woody Wagon – 1939/40 Ford

  1. Hey David,

    This is cool but, what I really like is the Roof Rack. It looks just like the one I am cleaning up to put on my ’36 when/if it is completed. I saw one like this on a ’33 or ’34 stretch wagon once owned & used by Henry Ford on his famous camping expeditions.

    If you have a high res version of that photo I would really like to take a close up look at the fittings and connection points.

    Aloha, g

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