Indian Lotay Sports Woody

woody India

What was that old adage! “Teach a man to fish, and he’ll feed his family!” Well, I guess this proves another old adage – Give a man a pile of wood, a saw and a hammer, and he can build a car!

Just finish in Patiala, India, is this one-off, Lotay sports built by carpenter Mohinder Singh Lotay (seen standing). The five-seater uses a locally sourced, Maruti 800 chassis. The Maruti was based on an 80’s vintage Suzuki front-wheel-drive platform that was built In Gurgaon, India from 1983 to 2013. For this “woody” project, they used up one of the 2.6 million Maruti’s built during this time.

The Maruti’s DNA was similar to the Geo Metro/ChevySprint line sold in the USA. Seen here with his son Amandeep, Mohinder claims the Lotay can run a stout 70 mph and still return excellent fuel economy with its hand-formed teak bodywork.

Mohinder also notes that it cost him $8,464 to build the woody sports, a price that would only get you a good re-varnish job on your woody in this country! Saw-on, Mohinder!


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