2015 Woodies on the Wharf – Santa Cruz, California

2015 WOW Plymouth

Santa Cruz, California.

Just as it claims, Woodies on the Wharf is in fact on a wharf out front of Santa Cruz, California. Yep somewhere near half a mile out into the bay, the end of the municipal pier is filled with about 200 woody wagons of every description.

This year, there was not the extended variety of strange and foreign wagons we have seen in the past, but the variety of makes and style was still much apparent. Organized by the Santa Cruz Woodies chapter of the National Woodie Club, the event is a well-run machine put on with the full-cooperation of the City of Santa Cruz.

The one-day event is public, but the club makes a three-day event out of it with a pre-event party and a post-event cruise on Sunday morning. Folks came here from Southern California and around the nation, and even a few international visitors had included the event in their travels to California. So take note if you’re interested in woody wagons, be there in Santa Cruz for the next event in late June 2016.

Check out some of the neat woodys that arrived for the 2015 event!

2015 WOW Kayak 2015 WOW Chevy-1 2015 WOW Chevy Fast back Belbob kit 2015 WOW Al 32 Ford 2015 WOW 1953 Mercury 2015 WOW 1951 Ford 2015 WOW 46 Ford Sportsman2015 Woodies on the Wharf-2

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