Polish Woody

A Facebook find via allcarindeax.com but with more detail added.

This Polish-built woody station wagon was built through one of the government ministries in Warsaw in 1953. Apparently car dealerships had requested that the Ministry of Transportation have a luxury limbo’ wagon developed. They in turn apparently handed the job over to the Road and Aerospace department to build the Pioneer Station Wagon

The designer and builder was Mieczyslaw Lukawski and at this point it is thought to be based on either a four-cylinder Polski Fiat or a Warszawa. platform. He created a two-door station wagon with suicide doors and was all-metal from the cowl forward. The back seat was a space sofa like seat that could be folded forward to expand the rear luggage space.

It’s an interesting punt on the woody wagon theme virtually right at the end of the true woody era. It was far more stylish than either the German Opel or the Russian woody wagons of the time.





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