Book #1 brings in $1,500 for the National Woodie Club Scholarship Fund.

Edition #1 of Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys was given to the National Woodie Club to generate money for their scholarship fund. It took about a two months to find a buyer  but Don and Carol Bickel, long-time National Woodie Club members from Sebastopol, California, were the ultimate winners. They are now the proud owners of Edition #1 and their donation will help support the on-going scholarship fund. Don’s 1940 woody hot rod appears twice in the book. Don commented, “I had to have this book once I saw a copy; its amazing! The book is filled with tons of quality photos and great woody history. I was blown away with how heavy the package was; it weighs over 15 pounds in the box. Carol and I are delighted that we could not only get the #1 edition, but also make this contribution to the club’s scholarship fund.”

All good news!

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