Lancia Station Wagons

It’s generally assumed that woody wagons are either a British thing, as in Shooting Brakes or an American thing as in Station Wagons. But as history has shown and this blog has presented they came in all shapes and sized from points around the globe.

We’ve seen Volvo woody station wagons from Sweden, DKW wagons from Germany, Standard wagons from Australia and now here’s yet another international woody from Italy, and a mighty stylish one at that!

Nothing short of what one would expect from a country that led the post-war world in fashion trends with stylish men’s suits, great leather shoes, wine, food and exotic car and women.

This 1949 Lancia B-53(?) features a custom body by Moisio Carrozzeria. It featured four-doors with two rows of seats. At the time in Italy wagon this was considered a large, exclusive and expensive automobile.  The custom bodywork featured front opening rear doors and side signal semaphores. Other Lanica station wagons were also built in Italy by Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi including a 1948 Aprilla Giardiniera wagon also seen here, and by Viotti.

Viotti apparently built nearly 50 Lancia Aurelia-based woody wagons around this time too and was the one who gave Fiat the idea of naming its later station wagons,  Giardinetta’s.



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